‘MUTES’ are Coming!

Editorial : The Blossom X : 2018 : Further

Chief Editors : USA

(To Be Confirmed)

Ali Salim

GMC : 5206692 : Patients

Chief Editor : E

Anatta Nergui

Asad Jawad : 1987

Chastity : Roles : Modesty

Chief Editors : Pakistan

Ata Ul Lateef

Akram Hamdani

Editors : Pakistan

Muhammad Javed




Destroy : Think : Hard

To be sane, we must recognise our beliefs as fictions.

James Hillman


said what…? togetherness will commit, in Mohabbat mine

look…!! present time you in emotions are rolled in

Juan Elia

Psychiatrist : Power : Psychiatrist

Piyar : Love : Mohabbat

Zombie : I : Zombie

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