‘MUTES’ are Coming!

Editorial : The Blossom X : 2018 : Further

Chief Editors : USA

(To Be Confirmed)

Ali Salim

GMC : 5206692 : Patients

Chief Editor : E

Anatta Nergui

Asad Jawad : 1987

Chastity : Roles : Modesty

Chief Editors : Pakistan

Ata Ul Lateef

Chief Editor, Pakistan : Associate Professor of Surgery
Gutter Cleaning

Akram Hamdani

آپ کے پاس تو فردوس کی چابی ہو گی؟
With you but, the key to heaven would be?

Editors : Pakistan

Muhammad Javed


Destroy : Think : Hard

To be sane, we must recognise our beliefs as fictions.

James Hillman


Look…!! At this moment; rolled in emotions, you are

Juan Elia

Psychiatrist : Power : Psychiatrist

Zombie : I : Zombie