Zombie : I : Zombie

When was it that hallucinations were categorised as ‘Alleged’ and ‘Un-alleged’?

Can a hallucination be a hallucination, without the hallucinator ever reporting it?

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سب سے پہلا آدمی خود سے جدا کیسے ہوا

Sagheer Malal

When did hallucination BECOME an ‘objective’ experience?

Bleuler : Split : Eugen

Fend : De : Ant

Look at whoever, gone somewhere is
جس کو دیکھو گیا ہوا ہے کہیں

Jaun Elia

Hate : Bullshit : Hate

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میں sir جھکا کہ سر کو ہو جاتا جو

Habib Jalib