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Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.

Carl Jung

Living farther, to you sought
دُور رہ کر تجھے تلاش کیا

Juan Elia

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 Not from all, we beg the question, answer to all, we do not
ہم سب کو جواب نہیں دیتے ہم سب سے سوال نہیں کرتے

Wali Aasi

What’s Most Personal is Most Universal

The only way I can imagine fixing the unfixable is to connect freedom with that fourth proposition, in. Only by shifting the idea of freedom to a base in myths and figures of the soul, as a cosmic ferment innate, might freedom be realized in its original sense of an ecstatic, orgasmic potential that vitalizes any choice, satisfaction or opportunity. This libidinal notion of freedom was developed by the Freudian left of Reich, Marcuse and Norman Brown and witnessed long before it entered their minds by Christians, Sufi and Hassidic mystics in their exalted and tortured delights.

Freedom as the inmost juice of intimate love, the Goddess Freya in any moment able to bless any situation, leads us straight to Intimacy as the place where freedom can fully flourish. Opening the heart, the belly, the mind, via the mouth. Don’t stop flow. Released libido – libido from lips (Greek), down pouring, outpouring. “I have never said this before.” “Tell me, say anything you want.” “I feel freer than ever in my life.” “Do whatever you want with me.” “Let go, let go.” These are the speeches of intimacy – and of freedom. No wonder Freud’s “talking cure” worked in nineteenth-century bourgeois Vienna: it offered freedom and intimacy both. To say whatever comes into your mind without restraint invites Freya onto the couch. Of course what came out was erotic, sexual…

Therapy supposedly gives you leave to be just as you want to be, utterly free, and supposedly loved for you as you are. This word “leave,” to have leave, to take leave, to go on leave or on liberty – all lead back to the same meaning of love. For the words “leave” and “believe” are cognates of love. Intimacy gives leave to state one’s love and one’s inmost belief. Do you see why it is so easy to fall in love with therapy, with the therapist? And why when you fall out of love, you no longer believe in therapy?

That intimacy has sexual meaning is archetypal and mythically appropriate. “Did you have intimate relations?” ask the trial attorney, the news reporter. Intimacy meaning sexual relations, genital relations; intercourse as communion of the liquid sap of life. “Free,” from Freya and Frigg; those Norse Goddesses derive their names from the same Indo-European root, prij, love, and prij is also the root of prick and Priapos. “Friend,” too comes from this root that friend with whom you can be truly intimate.

James Hillman