Vulture : Is NOT : Eagle

کرگس کا جہاں اور ہے، شاہیں کا جہاں اور
What news to that, that what the way and custom is, of the royal falconry
اسے کیا خبر کہ کیا ہے رہ و رسمِ شاہبازی

Muhammad Iqbal

Refuge : Person : World

Insane? It’s about time somebody asked. Well, let’s think about it. I basically believe that I know everything and nobody else knows anything. I think I’m sane and everyone else is insane. I’ve never met another like me and I have to search through centuries and civilisations to find anyone similar. The greatest men and women who have ever lived are just children on a playground to me. I think that I know the mind of God, that the universe does my bidding, and that all of creation exists for my amusement. By what possible definition of the word am I not insane?

Jed McKenna