That : Thou : Art

 The skills by which concealed, in own odes I am That way hidden, in the entire universe that is
میں جس ہنر سے ہوں پوشیدہ اپنی غزلوں میں
 اسی طرح وہ چھپا ساری کائنات میں ہے

Krishan Bihari Noor

Sees : Seer : Seen

Truth is beyond opposites. Duality is a dream. It’s not a yin-yang relationship; it’s one or the other. The truth contains no element of the false and the false contains no truth. There is only truth and illusion, and within illusion there is only fear and denial. Fear of truth is the foundation upon which Maya’s Palace of Delusion is erected. She has no power but that we give her. Denial of fear is the motivation underlying all activities in which humans engage. This is Vanity in the biblical sense: I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and behold, all is vanity and a chasing after wind. We must constantly project the illusion of self because if we don’t, we aren’t.

Jed McKenna

Still, I am, flowing the reflection is
ساکت ہوں میں عکس بہہ رہا ہے

Shahid Kabir