Step : Suicide : First

Mine under the dominion is - the death own, the life own
مرے زیر تسلط ہے فنا اپنی حیات اپنی

Iqbal Sajid

Death : Re : Birth

No other question forces us so acutely into facing the reality of the psyche as a reality equal to the body

James Hillman

Not possible to you respite from the book that you Of book, are the reader but the man of the book not
تجھے کتاب سے ممکن نہیں فراغ کہ تو کتاب خواں ہے مگر صاحب کتاب نہیں

Muhammad Iqbal

Else own relation, with the door and wall, what is
ورنہ اپنا در و دیوار سے رشتہ کیا ہے

Shahid Kabir

The First Step, however one comes to it, marks the end of one thing and the start of another. Until the First Step is taken, awakening from the dreamstate isn’t possible. After the First Step is taken, staying in the dreamstate isn’t possible.

Jed McKenna

Take out from the cupboard of regret, own faces Dusting them, place on the necks Incomplete you are not then, at least appear complete
اپنے چہرے ندامت کی المایوں سے نکالو
 انہیں جھاڑ کر گردنوں پر رکھو 
 تم ادھورے نہیں ہو تو پورے دکھائی تو دو

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi

The suicidal crisis, because it is one of the ways of experiencing death, must also be considered necessary to the life of the soul.

James Hillman

From indulging the heart; now to heart, the threat is
دل کو اب دل دہی سے خطرہ ہے

Juan Elia

Rage : Age : Reason

Rational depression isn’t a defect or a disease, it’s a perfectly appropriate response to the circumstances we find ourselves in. We have no future, no substance, and no significance; what’s not to be depressed about? This isn’t deep, soul-searching, high-minded stuff; a full and accurate accounting of one’s life could be done over a cup of coffee or during a commercial break. From a logical standpoint, the only compelling argument against suicide is that failure may result in a thousand dollar fine and six months in prison. Some people have found a personal savior, but the trick with saviors is not to look too closely; they’ve got you, but who’s got them? Even the best long-term solution you can imagine, whatever you call heaven, starts to sound pretty dumb if you think about it for, like, two minutes. The trick is to not think about stuff, to not look for ourselves, to not see the obvious, but we can’t trick ourselves forever.

Depression is fear with hope removed. It arises as we discover that something we thought could be ours will never be ours. Unhappiness is when we worry about not having something, depression is when we realize we’ll never have it, and freedom is when we realize that nothing is ours and nothing can be ours, so that, in effect, nothing isn’t ours.

What might be the case with…anyone…who seems about to succumb to morbid despair, is actually the onset of human adulthood. This isn’t an enlightenment thing in particular. It’s more a human thing, but it certainly has parallels to the larger awakening process, and it’s a precursor to enlightenment; a prerequisite.

Jed McKenna

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