Self : As If : Happens

جیسے ویرانے میں چپکے سے بہار آ جائے

Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Some words from your eyes you had said as if
تو نے آنکھوں سے کوئی بات کہی ہو جیسے

Faaiz Anwar

None : I : Meaning

Being felt is the absence, mine own to me
محسوس ہو رہی ہے خود اپنی کمی مجھے

Ali Ahmad Jalili

Brahman is Atman, Atman is Brahman. Jed McKenna

Jed McKenna

UnReal : Is : Real

This exhibition as if the mirage is
یہ نمائش سراب کی سی ہے

Mir Taqi Mir

Our passage to the divine is a passage through all the archetypes, conscious and unconscious: a passage through the known, and then the unknown self – a passage through all consciousness. When the passage is completed there is the move to the “other shore” where there is no self and no consciousness. But there can be no passing over until we have seen through every archetypal interpretation that can possibly arise, which means we have to live fearlessly so they can arise and show their faces. Any movement towards avoidance or any clinging to archetypal notions of ultimate Reality will abort the completed passage. The day we see how these archetypal masks work is the day they can no longer deceive us or move us in any way. At this point, the knowing-feeling-self has outworn its usage because it can no longer be moved, a fact that brings us to the river’s edge. Self or consciousness does not make the passage to the other shore or cross over. Rather, the crossing is the body and senses acclimating to life without any experience of self or consciousness and all that implies.

Bernadette Roberts

While the entire age there have gone I
جب کہ وہاں عمر بھر گیا ہوں میں

Jaun Elia