Psyche : Soul : Khudi

to endure this pure truth - a sincere heart is requisite


The friend you are then, do not counsel, for God's sake
تو دوست ہے تو نصیحت نہ کر خدا کے لیے

Shaz Tamkanat

My own soul is my most faithful friend. My own heart, my truest confidant


Talk : Monkey : Dance

Fear : Intention : Fear

…a man in trying to attain his ideal of manhood represses all feminine traits – which are really part of him, just as masculine traits are part of a woman’s psychology….If we carefully examine the uncontrolled emotions of a man … we soon arrive at a feminine figure which I call … the anima. On the same ground the ancients conceived of a feminine soul, a “psyche” or “anima”…

Carl Gustav Jung

Anima : Mercy : Love

without me, will keep learning wrongly…
with you, my relationship is of Kasra ‘n Fatah

Dost : Custom : Friend

Life cannot be neutral for very long; when the inner cleansing does not happen, the rot inside deepens, and both the individual soul and the core of the community become sick. Only after picking over the worst inner issues can the noble sense of self be restored and be able to shine at the centre. The inner ceremony of the soul reveals the intricate and intimate relationship between gifts and wounds. Where there are great gifts there will also be deep wounds for they are two sides of the inner nobility of the soul.

The root of the nobility involves sense of “coming to know.” We are noble in so far as we come to truly know ourselves; for then we learn both how we are gifted and where we are wounded. In knowing that we become able to heal within and be generous and generative with others.

…the nobility of the soul is grounded in an inner inheritance rather than a received privilege.

Michael Meade

Though you travel in every direction you will never find the bounds of the soul, so deep is the logos of it.


Artist : Soul : Music

Magic : Illusion : Reality

Read myths.

They teach you that you can turn inward, and you begin to get the message of the symbols.

Read other people’s myths, not those of your own religion, because you tend to interpret your own religion in terms of facts — but if you read the other ones, you begin to get the message.

Myth helps you to put your mind in touch with this experience of being alive. It tells you what the experience is.

Marriage, for example. What is marriage?

The myth tells you what it is.

It’s the reunion of the separated duad.

Originally you were one.

Joseph Campbell

Pro : BS.0969X2 : Pro

Whatever name you give it: will, or steady purpose, or one pointedness of the mind, you come back to earnestness, sincerity, honesty. When you are dead earnest, you tend every incident, every second of your life to your purpose. You do not waste time and energy on other things. You are totally dedicated, call it will, or love or plain honesty. We are complex beings, at war within and without. We contradict ourselves all the time, undoing today the work of yesterday. No wonder we are stuck. A little of integrity would make a lot of difference.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Alchemist at work with his soror mystica (female assistant), representing collaboration with his own feminine side.

Marie-Louise von Franz – Alchemy

Crew : Briefing

Dead : Un : Dead

Beggar : Fakir : Beggar

The story of Kenneth McMordie’s impersonation and the continued fraud… the secrecy, lies and illusions around the name of Jed McKenna…. the misleading camouflaged origins of the books… the blatent ‘don’t care’ of Jed in the full knowledge of what takes place in his (anonymous) name, not just by Kenneth, but by the self appointed ‘jedvaita’ teachers out there… all that begs some
questions.. What does it all mean in REAL terms? And what kind of human beings are we dealing with?

Oh boy.. all we are missing are some juicy details of a sex scandal, right?. That would complete the picture of the Grand Illusion of enlightenment to perfection.

Enlightenment simply isn’t. What is – are human beings following their personal life journeys, growing, maturing, discovering what the world is, and the subsequent stories they tell.

You see… one is often too young in the life’s beginning, too busy fucking, chasing goals, building empires, to simply stop and think and ask some questions about life.

I told the story of what I had found. Nothing. But I did find my mind. And if those ‘seekers’ finally mature in their own minds – they would see that with Clarity – nothing. Just life, as is.

Jed was correct in that no one should try for Truth. It is absolutely NOT what would make your life pleasant and easy. Those who proclaim themselves free and enlightened are either deluded (temporarily, in which case they will recover from the delusion at some point, and boy would it hurt) or deceptive (intentionally, with a view to gain).

Enlightenment (aka seeing things in light of Reality) is not what it’s all cracked up to be. It is ANTI any human concern, it is the least desirable state, although the rarest, true that.

Wanna be dead and see the bottom line of everything? Sure, get enlightened. You will regret it. The amusement park is so much more enticing. The problem is.. I SEE it as an amusement park, a frivolous and, frankly, boring contraption of mad human activities. What to do, huh?.. can’t go back.

Tano : Enlightenment Myth

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