Lateef : Prayer : Subtle

Madness : Normal : Madness

Lateefon ki Dunya : Jokes of World
Saari Dunya Mein her Cheez ki Lambai
Chorai hoti hai – !
Magar Pakistan Mein “Aithon Lai Kai Othoan” tak hi Chal raha hai

In the whole world,
for everything is a length width-!
But in Pakistan
“From Here to There”
is still the trend

can one be enlightened outside the dream of being enlightened?


Enlightenment : Said : Myth

one Pathan, about suicide
was giving a speech:

suicide is Haram, is cowardice, is madness
than such death, better it is
that the man to one’s self shoots

Correction : Crushing : Cost

Human : Conditions : Human

Girl: whenever I phone you, you are doing the shave. In the end, how many times a day you do the shave???
Boy: forty, fifty times!
Girl: You are insane or what??
Boy: No, I am a barber

Royal : Un : Brahmin