I : Love : You

کیوں کسی کا گلہ کرے کوئی


Why : May : We

To candles from the wind, wish to protect we
چراغوں کو ہواؤں سے بچانا چاہتے ہیں ہم

Wali Aasi

Enantiodromia is…the view that everything that exists turns into its opposite…the transformation of the hitherto valued into the worthless, and of the former good into the bad…anything of importance is devalued in our conscious life and perishes. No psychic value can disappear without being replaced by another of equivalent intensity.

The only person who escapes the grim law of enantiodromia is the man who knows how to separate himself from the unconscious, not by repressing it – for then it simply attacks from the rear – but by putting it clearly before him as that which he is not. The aim of individuation is nothing less than to divest the self of the false wrapping of the personal on the one hand, and the suggestive power of primordial images on the other.

Carl Jung

In the flash of an instant, we have seen the destinies change.
ہم نے پل بھر میں نصیبوں کو بدلتے دیکھا

Bahadur Shah Zafar

 Unity is, and consuming the separation is
وصل ہے اور فراق طاری ہے

Juan Elia

If you love a flower, don't pick it up


And : Love : And

With some, like me, to her also Mohabbat was
 میری طرح کسی سے محبت اسے بھی تھی

Mohsin Naqvi

Piyar : Love : Mohabbat

Mohabbat to-me is with you. Mohabbat to-me is with you.
کہ دنیا پانچ لفظوں سے بنی ہے، پانچ لفظوں سے

Khalid Javaid Jan

Rebel : I : Am