First : Soul : Don’t Harm

 One time would be 
When shield, the body would be
 In protection of soul
اک زمانہ آئے گا 
 جسم جب سپر ہوگا 
 روح کے تحفظ میں

Akhtar Rahi

Like the spider, right in own webs; people stayed
لوگ مکڑی کی طرح اپنے ہی جالوں میں رہے

Shahid Kabir

The human being is set within the field of soul; soul is the metaphor that includes the human…Even if human life is only one manifestation of the psyche, a human life is always a psychological life.

…This move which places man within psyche (rather than psyche within man) revisions all human activity whatsoever as psychological. Every piece of human behaviour whatever its manifest and literal content, is always also a psychological statement.

James Hillman

To the heart make happy Ghalib, good is this idea
دل کے خوش رکھنے کو غالبؔ یہ خیال اچھا ہے


unCUT : dead : UnDEAD



 Which in my destiny were written, with those thorns Of the heart, have sewn the wounds, not any regret
میری قسمت میں جو لکھے تھے انہیں کا نٹوں سے دل کے زخموں کو سیا ہے کوئی افسوس نہیں

Sudarshan Faakir

I am sitting in a theatre watching a film called Humanity. I look upon Civil War hospitals and Nazi death camps and children’s burn wards with the same eye with which I look upon bursting gardens and starswept nights and laughing babies. They’re just opposite poles of the film’s emotional spectrum. They don’t make me forget my reality. Nothing is so grotesquely horrible or so heartwrenchingly beautiful that it transcends my transcendence. Nothing trumps truth. I know what mans is and I know what life is. If you look at these statements and decide I’m a bad guy, then you are short changing yourself. You’re mistaken in your belief that you’re reading a dialogue…..You, the reader, are at the exact centre of the universe; your universe. It’s all yours, it’s all about you and you are all alone in it. Anything that tells you otherwise is a belief, and no belief is true.

Jed McKenna

Not mine if you become, don't become,  of own-self but become
تو اگر میرا نہیں بنتا نہ بن اپنا تو بن

Muhammad Iqbal

A : Uni : Lone

To intellect from awareness, the threat is
عقل کو آگہی سے خطرہ ہے

Juan Elia