Enlightenment : Said : Myth

‘consequence of quitting school’

school chornay ka anjaam

James Hillman

Successful in the chapter of failures I was
ناکامیوں کے باب میں میں کامیاب تھا

Sehba Akhtar

Done with but in aloneness the realization of self
 تنہائی میں تو ذات کا عرفان ہو چکا

Shuja Khawar

A : Uni : Lone

I am the teacher of athletes,
he that by me spreads a wider breast than my own proves the width of my own,
he most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher.
the boy I love, the same becomes a man not through derived power, but in his own right

Walt Whitman

Myths are manifestations of fundamental organizing principles that exist within the cosmos

Stanislav Grof

If you prefer smoke over fire
then get up now and leave.
For I do not intend to perfume
your mind’s clothing
with more sooty knowledge.

No, I have something else in mind.
Today I hold a flame in my left hand
and a sword in my right.
There will be no damage control today.

For God is in a mood
to plunder your riches and
fling you nakedly
into such breathtaking poverty
that all that will be left of you
will be a tendency to shine.

So don’t just sit around this flame
choking on your mind.
For this is no campfire song
to mindlessly mantra yourself to sleep with.

Jump now into the space
between thoughts
and exit this dream
before I burn the damn place down.


The pursuit of enlightenment is the most egotistical thing a man can do. Pursuing world domination pales in comparison.


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