Dream : Witness : Principle

ہر زمانے میں شہادت کے یہی اسباب تھے

Hasan Naim

I think in order to protect yourself against insanity, you must every day propitiate madness. You must take your steps towards madness, you must open the door towards mania, let it in. That would account in my mind for a great many forms of what we call addiction. These are ways of trying to open the door and to let the madness in. Whether it’s getting drunk on a Saturday night or sitting for hours drinking alone in a melancholy to let Saturn in, whatever – these are modes of letting the madness in. And in a sense they keep us from going insane, and we don’t know the distinction.

James Hillman

Madness : Normal : Madness

Paper mache mask with feet with grey background

Concern for this or that limited good can sometimes lead to the summit… But this occurs in a roundabout way. Moral ends … are distinct from any excesses they occasion. States of glory and moments of sacredness surpass results intentionally sought.

George Bataille

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