Death : Roots : Life

Urdu Maxim

Urdu Maxim

Behind the whim and fancy then a certainty calls out
The trumpet of the caravan to us yet calls out
 تو اک یقیں پس وہم و گماں بلاتا ہے
ابھی ہمیں جرس کارواں بلاتا ہے

Saleem Kausar

Hope : Life : Dream

Any esteem of that is not
اس کی کوئی توقیر نہیں ہے

Kaif Bhopali

Great is Life, real and mystical, wherever and whoever;

Great is Death – sure as life holds all parts together,

Death holds all parts together.

Has life much purport? – Ah, Death has the greatest purport.

Walt Whitman

Hafeez Jalandhari

Such this incident I am certain would be

Sagheer Malal