Caged : Un : Caged

اب اس پرندے کے دل سے پنجرہ نکالنا ہے

Umair Najmi

Believing themselves fully and normally developed, they raise their children to become adults who don't know they're children,

Jed McKenna

The birds that were released, the flight forgot
رہا ہوئے جو پرندے اُڑان بھول گئے

Iqbal Sajid

Here the conqueror of the world is just the one The altering who comes to know, the sight of
یہاں تو فاتح عالم وہی ہے
 بدلنا جس کو آ جائے نظر کا

Umar Ansari

Who in the cage to whom has held
کس نے کس کو قفس میں رکھا ہے

Ahmad Faraz

Order : Executioners : Order

Seeming to me home, the prison is
مجھے زندان گھر لگنے لگا ہے

Khaleel Ahmad

Mass : Desperation : Life

First, just the wretched heart mine, my heart should get to be
پہلے کم بخت مرا دل تو مرا دل ہو جائے

Ehsan Danish

The world is none other than the mind.

Ramana Maharshi