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Habib Jalib

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..madness differs from insanity. Madness would be the mania that Plato talks about, which is the way the Gods reach us, as all the Greek tragedies show. Or, as Jung said, the Gods are in the diseases. Insanity would be what the human being does in relation to that mania. That is, it follows the wrong God, or it serves its God the wrong way. It doesn’t understand the ritual, or it literalizes the ritual. It gets inflated, it takes the mania to itself, takes credit for it, “The thoughts that come through me are mine, not the Gods'”‘ or it says, “I am an instrument of the Gods, I’m their favorite son or chosen person.” Of all definitions of madness, I like the one in a poem by Theodore Roethke: “What’s madness but nobility of soul / At odds with circumstances?”

James Hillman

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Percy Shelley

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