2017 : Malcolm Smith : 1978

کیا مرے حق میں فیصلہ دے گا

Sudharshan Faakir

Disgraced we were, even after dying
مرنے کے بعد بھی ہمیں رسوا کیا گیا

Hafeez Shahid

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The night before hanging himself, in Custody, at Barlinnie Prison

Malcolm asked the prison officer for assistance in requesting other inmates to provide him with smoking material.

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Section 47

Section 47 makes it an offence for a person to have any offensive weapon with him in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

The Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995

“…was safe and well…”

CORRECTION : “… was well secured…”

Sheriff AF Deutsch

Malcolm was remanded in circumstances where he had been using illicit drugs and not taking his prescribed medication.

On 31 January 2017, Malcolm was to start on 10 mg of Olanzapine – to be increased to 50 mg in seven days.

Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005

 it would be an offence to smoke in any wholly or substantially enclosed public space in Scotland

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